“Fake News Story, April 2017”

PCSO envelope 2014 graphic

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls from the public within the past 24 hours concerning information that has been posted on social media regarding a “Pickens County Serial Killer” that is on the loose. The post goes in detail about the man being wanted for multiple murders and that residents should turn to “Channel 28 News at 11” for more information.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has no knowledge of any such individual nor are we aware of any media station in the immediate area identified as “Channel 28 News”.

Please do not allow yourself to be lured into relying on social media as your primary source of information and instead refer to your local, mainstream media sources for more accurate and up-to-date information.

From all indications, this is “Fake News” in an attempt to fool you through the spread of misinformation.

Creed W. Hashe, Chief Deputy