“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Provides Solicitor’s Office with Information Collected from Fatal Shooting”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has completed the investigation into the fatal shooting of a suspected intruder by an Easley homeowner that occurred earlier this week on Prince Perry Rd.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office provided a presentation of the information to include evidence collected at the scene of the shooting and information gathered during an examination of the deceased to the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office this morning.

Providing a brief overview of the investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office to representatives from the Solicitor’s Office is the first step in the process to reach a conclusion regarding the homeowner’s decision to use lethal force as it applies to SC law.

As previously released, the Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the homeowner returned to his residence on the morning of December 14th.  Moments after entering the house, the resident encountered an adult male in the hallway as the subject exited the homeowner’s bedroom armed with multiple firearms taken from that same bedroom.

Following a brief struggle between the two men, the homeowner was able to gain control of one of the weapons and fire multiple shots from a rifle in the direction of the suspected intruder. The man was struck with several rounds and subsequently fell onto a wooden deck as he exited the back door of the residence following the shooting.

Crime Scene Technicians later found and recovered evidence indicating that the back door to the home had been kicked in and numerous areas within the residence had been searched and rummaged through prior to the shooting.

Also collected, was evidence corroborating the homeowner’s statements that the rounds were discharged while both men were inside the residence.

Additionally, during the course of the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office recovered unrelated stolen property linking the deceased to a residential break-in that had been previously reported to the Easley Police Department.

The Solicitor’s Office advised Sheriff’s detectives that absent additional questions or the need for further follow-up, they hoped to be able to render a decision within the next few days.