“Update On Homicide Investigation”

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Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Turns Homicide Investigation over to Solicitor for Review 

Over the past fourteen hours, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has continued to investigate the circumstances of the deadly shooting which occurred at #237 Watts Rd. in Liberty.

As previously released earlier this morning, the Sheriff’s Office has now verified that three adult men in addition to the deceased were present at the scene when the shooting occurred.  Three of the men lived at the residence and the fourth man was an invited guest.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to the location approximately forty-five minutes prior to the shooting to investigate a report of a disturbance.  Deputies made contact with three of the four men and left the scene after determining that no crime had occurred.

A second verbal dispute erupted after the Deputies left and a physical confrontation between one of the residents and the deceased (guest) broke out on the back porch of the home.

Multiple shots were fired from a handgun by one of the remaining residents from inside the home in the direction of the two fighting men.  One of the men was struck with at least one round and died at the scene.

A 9mm handgun was later recovered from the residence by Forensics personnel.


No charges have been filed at this stage of the investigation; however, Sheriff’s Detectives met with representatives from the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office this morning.

The investigation is still on-going pending the conclusion of a full legal review by the Solicitor’s Office.

This case is still an active homicide investigation and any additional information will only be disseminated in a simultaneous manner to all media outlets as the investigation progresses or final determination is made concerning prosecution.

Inquiries concerning the identity of the victim should be directed to the Pickens County Coroner’s Office.