“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest In Crime Spree”


Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Cracks Investigation into Crime Spree Involving Two Pickens Men and a Female Accomplice


The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has arrested three individuals responsible for a short crime spree occurring from June 7th to June 12, 2015.  Numerous charges have been filed stemming from these thefts.

Several cases involving burglaries, stolen vehicles and incidents of malicious damage were reported to the Sheriff’s Office and the investigation into those incidents has resulted in the identification of three individuals with varying degrees of involvement.

Summary of Incidents:

  • Masters Grocery located at 3949 Moorefield Memorial Hwy

(Busted out glass door on 06-07-15)

  • Residence located at 169 Skyland Dr.

(Burglarized and stole property on 06-07-15)

  • Hagood Mill located at 138 Hagood Mill Rd.

(Van stolen on 06-07-15)

  • Midway Church located at 1200 Midway Rd.

(Van stolen on 06-08-15)

  • Golden Creek Baptist Church located at 477 Golden Creek Rd.

(Broke into church van and destroyed steering column in attempt to steal on 06-08-15 )

  • New Hope Church located at 108 New Hope Rd.

(Vehicle stolen from parking lot on 06-11-15)

  • Residence located at 408 Winmont Rd.

(Broke into outbuilding and stole property on 06-12-15)


Michael David Hardison (25yoa) was arrested on June 16, 2015, at a residence in Liberty without any confrontation and charged with the following offenses:

Charge:                                             Warrant:                  Bond:             Arrest Date:

Malicious Damage                    2015A3910300225      $1000.00          06-16-15

Burglary 2nd Degree                  2015A3910300236      $7000.00          06-16-15

Simple Larceny                          2015A3910300237      $1000.00          06-16-15

Grand Larceny                           2015A3910300238      $3,000.00         06-16-15

Grand Larceny                           2015A3910300239      $5000.00          06-16-15

Burglary 3rd Degree                   2015A3910300240      $5000.00         06-16-15

Simple Larceny                           2015A3910300241      $1000.00         06-16-15

Breaking into Motor Vehicle    2015A3910300242      $2000.00         06-16-15

Family Court Bench Warrant   Order from FC            $5283.97        06-16-15

Probation Violation                   Prob & Parole               $5000.00        06-16-15


Hardison is currently being detained within the Pickens County Detention Facility with a total bond in excess of $35,000.00.


Matthew Joseph Kelley (27yoa) turned himself in to the Sheriff’s Office today and has been charged with the following for his involvement during some of the incidents:


Charge:                                             Warrant:                  Bond:             Arrest Date:

Grand Larceny                           2015A3910300228      Pending          06-25-15

Burglary 2nd Degree                  2015A3910300230      Pending          06-25-15

Simple Larceny                          2015A3910300231      Pending          06-25-15

Grand Larceny                           2015A3910300232      Pending          06-25-15

Grand Larceny                          2015A3910300233       Pending          06-25-15


Kelley is currently detained within the Pickens County Detention Facility awaiting to be arraigned on charges. 


Jessica Ann Gillenwater (28yoa) also turned herself in to the Sheriff’s Office on today’s date where she is being detained pending arraignment on three charges listed below.


Charge:                                             Warrant:                  Bond:             Arrest Date:

Grand Larceny                        2015A3910300229      Pending           06-25-15

Burglary 2nd Degree               2015A3910300234      Pending           06-25-15

Simple Larceny                       2015A3910300235      Pending           06-25-15