“Information Regarding Essential Businesses and The Order From Governor McMaster”

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls inquiring if their particular business is essential and if there would be a permit required to travel to those businesses? The following is a link to the South Carolina Commerce web page that provides a list of closings, ordered by Governor McMaster.


We have no further direction other than what is listed and we will not speculate on any interpretation of an essential business that is not listed there. We would ask that you contact your employer and go by the direction that they provide as to whether or not you are to report to work.

There is no permit program in place and we currently have no knowledge of any program that would require a person to provide a permit in order to travel to and from a place of employment!

We certainly do not mind answering questions in our dispatch center when they involve pertinent needs of the public. Please keep in mind, however that these types of calls sometimes overwhelm our call center and could prohibit the dispatch of emergency calls.  

The following is a link to the Governors order: