“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Attends Autopsy of Man Found in Saluda River”

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Forensic detectives attended the autopsy conducted on a Piedmont man found deceased yesterday morning along the bank of the Saluda River.

The victim whose identity was released earlier today by the Pickens County Coroner’s Office has been identified as Mr. Steven Carroll Fletcher (38 yoa).  His vehicle was recovered late last night within a couple hundred yards of the river’s bank on the Greenville County side not far from where the body was first discovered by an area resident in Pickens County.

The autopsy confirmed that there was no physical trauma to the body and no visual evidence of foul play. Requests for additional toxicology tests have been submitted and the Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate the days and any events that may have involved Mr. Fletcher prior to his death.

The Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the victim’s vehicle had been parked at the site where it was found for at least three days prior to the discovery of his body.

The Sheriff’s office asks anyone that may have any information connected to Mr. Fletcher to please call the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CrimeSC.



“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Body Found in Saluda River”

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The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of an adult W/M found floating in the Saluda River near the 4700 block of Farrs Bridge Rd in Easley.

The Sheriff’s Office along with personnel from local fire service and EMS responded to the scene after an area resident notified authorities that they had observed a body floating near the bank of the river. The victim was recovered from the water and was determined to be deceased at the scene.

Initial observations revealed no obvious signs of trauma to the body which appeared to have been in the water for several hours or perhaps longer. The identity of the man is not known at this stage into the investigation.

The man was found fully clothed in blue jeans, a green camouflage sleeveless shirt and brown boots.

An autopsy is expected to be scheduled sometime later on Monday at the request of the Pickens County Coroner’s Office.

Any additional information that is developed over the course of the investigation will be released to all media outlets through this same format.



“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Damage to School Bus Window”

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The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating an incident that occurred this afternoon involving a school bus on Bridwell Rd. in Six Mile.

At approximately 3:55pm, the Sheriff’s Office was notified that damage had been sustained to one window on the side of a school bus as it was traveling on Bridwell Rd.

There were twenty-one students on board when the passengers heard the window being struck by unknown objects causing the glass to break.

The driver of the bus traveled a short distance in order to leave the immediate area at which time notification was made to the Sheriff’s Office. No injuries were sustained to any party on the bus.

Sheriff’s detectives arrived on the scene and observed the cracked glass to still be in the window frame but two small holes could be detected that are characteristic of damage created by a low velocity weapon such as a BB or Pellet gun.

The Sheriff’s Office is currently canvassing the area for anyone that might have heard the sound of any gunshots or may have seen anyone with any type of weapon.

Forensic detectives are processing the bus in an attempt to recover any evidence of what may have struck the window in order to verify if the weapon was a firearm or a BB/Pellet gun.

All passengers were transferred to another bus in order to allow the Sheriff’s Office to investigate.

There have not been any other previously reported incidents of this nature to the Sheriff’s Office and there are no suspect(s) at this stage of the investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone that may have seen or heard any suspicious activity in the area to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.



“Scam Alert”

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The Sheriff’s Office has received information that area residents have received phone calls from unknown individuals representing themselves as utility companies such as Duke Energy or Blue Ridge Electric.

The caller informs the homeowner that their monthly bill is overdue and that they face having their service turned off immediately if they do not provide funds over the phone through the use of “Green Dot Cards” or other types of prepaid cards.

These types of calls are not legitimate and should be treated as scam calls attempting to obtain money that is not connected to your utility service.

If you receive a suspicious call, ask for the representative’s name and discontinue the call. Locate the phone number to the utility service yourself and call the utility company to inform them of the suspicious person so they can verify that the call is valid or false.

Do not rely on a phone number displayed on Caller ID or one that is given to you by the suspicious caller. Information displayed on Caller ID can easily be manipulated.

As always, we remind everyone to refrain from providing debit card, credit card or personal information over the phone unless you know without any question that you are speaking with a credible person.