“No Foul Play found in Fatal Fire on Dacusville Highway”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has not uncovered any evidence of criminal activity thus far in the investigation of a man found deceased in the burned debris left from a small building that was consumed by fire on November 21, 2018.

An autopsy was conducted on Thanksgiving morning and detectives present during that examination were not provided any information or evidence indicating that Mr. Rickey A. Johnson died by any other means outside of what is normally found in incidents where someone becomes either trapped or disoriented during a structure fire.

Interviews with the surviving girlfriend who also was injured during the event have provided the only eye witness details of the moments leading up to the building becoming completely engulfed by fire.

The girlfriend (60yoa) states that only she and the victim were residing in the small structure that resembled a large storage building. The residents were using propane heaters to warm the interior and on the morning of the incident they observed flames near a propane heater.

The victim and witness approached the only door to the exterior when the victim turned around as if to gather some personal items. He never exited the door before it became totally consumed by flames. The victim’s dog also perished in the fire.

An extensive search of the scene did not uncover any evidence that would indicate that the fire was intentionally set or that any type accelerant was used to start the fire.

Detectives will wait for the final results that will come from routine, toxicology tests performed on the victim before making a final determination. Agents from the SC Law Enforcement Division are assisting the Sheriff’s Office with the investigation.


“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office continues to Investigate Fatal Fire on Dacusville Highway “

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has throughout the day continued to investigate the fire that tragically resulted in a man’s death earlier this morning.

As previously released, a passing motorist observed flames at approximately 8:35am coming from a small structure within plain view from the road located at 3156 Dacusville Highway.

Emergency responders arrived on the scene to find the building which appeared to be initially designed as a storage building to be completely destroyed.

The Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that two adults (male and female) and a dog lived inside the location. The male (61yoa) along with the dog perished in the fire.  The female (60yoa) was transported from the scene to the hospital where she is being treated for burns to the hands.

Preliminary information and an examination of the scene do not immediately indicate any obvious signs of foul play.

Detectives have been able to conduct a brief interview with the surviving woman who has indicated that she and her boyfriend, who is the deceased, lived at the location. Just prior to the incident being reported by the passing motorist, the female resident stated that both she and her boyfriend observed fire at or near a propane heater inside the structure.

As they attempted to evacuate from the building, the male turned to retrieve items and never exited the structure according to the girlfriend.

An autopsy is scheduled on a later date to determine the exact cause and manner of death for the male.

The Sheriff’s Office with the assistance of SLED investigators will continue to examine and test samples taken from the scene along with the results from the autopsy once it has been performed.

Sheriff Rick Clark stated…

“Pickens County is not immune from the occasional tragedy involving the loss of life. Our hearts and prayers remain with all of those involved or in some way connected to this incident to include our first responders”. 

The Sheriff’s Office does not have any additional information to release at this time and as new information or details are discovered, we will disseminate that information to all media resources at one time in the form of an additional media release.



“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office assists Dacusville Fire Department in Fatal Fire Investigation”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting a joint investigation with the Dacusville Fire Department into the circumstances of a structural fire that occurred this morning at 3156 Dacusville Hwy in Easley.

A passing motorist reported the fire at approximately 8:35am to what initially was believed to be a shed just off the roadway.

Emergency crews responded to the scene and found a small building on fire that was completely destroyed.

One adult believed to be a male has been found deceased inside the remains of the structure and preliminary information is that an adult female has been taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the incident.

The relationship between the two parties is still unknown and authorities have not yet determined whether they were residing inside the location or just present when the fire started.

The investigation is in the very early stages and no additional information is available for release at this time. The Sheriff’s Office will update as more information becomes available later in the day.

Inquiries as to the identity of the deceased should be directed to the Pickens County Coroner’s Office.