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Welcome to the Pickens County Sheriff's Office website where our goal is to provide you with a site that is both informative and helpful.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your Sheriff and I am committed to providing you with an agency that is responsive to your needs in an era where the safety of your families and your property cannot be compromised.

Since taking office in January of 2013, we have restructured the agency in several facets so that additional resources could be deployed in areas that demand the attention of law enforcement and address your concerns.

The war on drugs must be fought here in Pickens County and in order to do that the Sheriff's Office must dedicate the resources to effectively focus on crimes typically resulting in the theft of your property.

History tells us that property crimes are often driven by drug addiction and alcohol dependence. Knowing this, we have had much success in putting drug dealers in jail during our first two years in office.

Domestic Violence continues to plague our great state and we have much work left to do so that our children are raised in families that promote stability and a healthy respect for each other as individuals.

Through the development of our Community Action Team, we respond to your complaints of various disorders throughout your neighborhood that may include but not limited to drug activity, environmental crimes, theft, traffic violations and trespassing.

The Pickens County Sheriff's Office exists to serve you and we will continue to make every effort to strive for a safer community through engaging you and soliciting your input through a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the citizens of Pickens County.

The men and women of the Sheriff's Office place their lives on the line for you and I every day so that all of us can feel safe in raising our families and conducting our business in an area that is without question one of the best counties within South Carolina.

Thank you for your trust and confidence in me as your Sheriff and I hope that you enjoy reviewing our website. Please feel free to contact us with ideas and suggestions so that we may better serve you - our customer.

Rick Clark, Sheriff of Pickens County
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