“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office locates Indoor Marijuana Operation during Shooting Investigation”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a shooting incident which occurred early this morning at a residence located on Earls Bridge Rd in the Dacusville Community.

At approximately 2:40am, deputies were dispatched to Earls Bridge Rd following a call from a homeowner that stated that someone may have attempted to break into the residence at approximately 2:00am.

Moments after hearing a loud noise at a rear door, the homeowner (31 yoa) was walking through the residence in response to the noise when two rounds from a small caliber weapon were discharged through the front door. The man inside the residence received a superficial wound to the back of the arm and a second injury to his side. No one else was inside the home when the incident occurred and the homeowner never saw the suspect(s).

The victim was treated and released from a local hospital and it has not been confirmed whether the two injuries were from shrapnel/debris from the door or fragments from one of the fired projectiles.

During the investigation, detectives located a room inside the residence that had been converted for the sole purpose of manufacturing Marijuana. Growing equipment and Marijuana plants ranging as high as approximately four feet were seized from the property.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the shooting is still on-going and the homeowner is being interviewed by detectives regarding the manufacturing of Marijuana.

The Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone with information concerning this incident to please contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500 or Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.


“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Requests Public’s Help in the Identification of Possible Truck Thief”

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Unidentified Male Stolen Truck



The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the theft of a 1998 Ford F-150 truck (green & tan in color) from the Spinx Station on Moorefield Memorial Hwy in Liberty.  The incident which occurred on Wednesday, February 15th, at approximately 7:20pm was captured on the store’s video surveillance system.

An adult W/M, wearing dark colored overalls, a ball cap and tan colored boots can be seen inside the store before exiting and disappearing from the view of the camera. Moments later, the same man is seen walking up to the truck while carrying what is believed to be a backpack and what appears to be a case for a musical instrument.

The unidentified male enters the truck and can be seen driving away from the Spinx while the owner of the vehicle is still inside the store.

I have attached two images taken from the video that show the unidentified male believed to be the suspect in this case along with the actual photo of the stolen truck. At the time of the theft, the truck was displaying South Carolina License plate LQU759.

Detectives are asking anyone with information as to the identity of the man seen in the photo or the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle to please contact the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500 or Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.


“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Spearheads Initiative to Attack Roadside Litter”

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Sheriff Rick Clark will be leading an effort this week to address excessive litter thrown on Pickens County highways. The Sheriff’s Office is partnering with other agencies from local branches of government on February 14 -16, to fight the unsightly litter that has been thrown from vehicles that travel Pickens County roadways.

Sentenced inmates assigned to work crews from the Pickens County Prison and the Pickens County Roads & Bridges Department will be tasked with working alongside members from the local SCDOT Office to collect trash on US123 from the city limits of Easley to the city limits of Clemson.

Sheriff Clark stated…

“This is a cooperative effort between several entities to include county inmate litter crews supervised by staff from the Pickens County Roads & Bridges Department as well as the Pickens County Prison.  

The SCDOT has also generously agreed to provide support resources and the SC Highway Patrol will be on-hand to increase patrols along US 123. Law enforcement’s focus will be an increased emphasis on speed and other aggressive driving violations as the hazards and dangers associated with pedestrian litter crews increases.”

The SC Highway Patrol will also be assisting in the monitoring of traffic on US 123 during which time the speed limit will be strictly enforced. Digital information boards will be posted during the event to educate and remind drivers to slow down and watch for litter crews.

The public is being asked to honor a maximum speed limit of 55MPH while this work zone is in effect.  Crews will be deployed during the hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm during the three day initiative.

Sheriff Rick Clark and representatives from the above noted agencies will be available for interviews at 9:00am on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, at a staging area located on US 123 just beyond the Hwy 93 bridge traveling towards Clemson from Easley. 

As a final request, Sheriff Rick Clark is encouraging individuals, groups or other organizations to consider participation in the “Adopt a Highway” program.

Additional Information can be obtained by contacting Palmetto Pride at 1-(877) PAL-PRDE (725-7733) or http://palmettopride.org/ or http://palmettopride.org/pickup/adopt-a-highway/.  Palmetto pride coordinates with your local SCDOT office.


“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Locates Deceased Man in Wooded Area near City Limits of Pickens”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the remains of a man found this morning in a wooded area near J & D Drive.

The adult male was fully clothed and found within close proximity to a nearby campsite. Evidence at the scene indicated that the man had been deceased for several days; however, there were no obvious signs of foul play.

An autopsy has been requested by the Pickens County Coroner to confirm the manner and cause of death. Inquiries regarding the identity of the deceased should be directed to the Coroner’s Office.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office were conducting a visual search of the area with the assistance of a helicopter from the SC Law Enforcement Division when the body was found.

A Pickens County man previously reported missing since mid-November was believed to have been living on the property in a makeshift campsite. Detectives are waiting for the results from the pending autopsy to confirm if there is a connection between the missing man and the deceased.



“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Weekend Shooting in Easley”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a shooting that occurred on Stonewall Farm Rd in Easley at approximately 7:45pm Saturday night. Deputies arrived on the scene just before 8:00pm following reports that a person had been shot one time in the lower arm.

The initial investigation revealed that a homeowner (male 38yoa) answered a knock at his front door and engaged in a conversation with an unknown male described as having red hair, approximately 6’ tall with thin build, wearing a dark colored shirt and blue jeans.

The unidentified male asked to speak with a former tenant of the location but the current homeowner advised the subject that the person that he was looking for had not lived at the location in over a year.

The unknown male became angry and produced a small caliber handgun at which time he fired one round that struck the homeowner in the lower arm. The suspect was last seen walking away from the scene on foot.  The victim was treated and released from a local hospital.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with information concerning this incident to please call the Sheriff’s Office at (864) 898-5500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-CRIMESC.


“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Provides Solicitor’s Office with Information Collected from Fatal Shooting”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office has completed the investigation into the fatal shooting of a suspected intruder by an Easley homeowner that occurred earlier this week on Prince Perry Rd.

Detectives from the Sheriff’s Office provided a presentation of the information to include evidence collected at the scene of the shooting and information gathered during an examination of the deceased to the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office this morning.

Providing a brief overview of the investigation conducted by the Sheriff’s Office to representatives from the Solicitor’s Office is the first step in the process to reach a conclusion regarding the homeowner’s decision to use lethal force as it applies to SC law.

As previously released, the Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the homeowner returned to his residence on the morning of December 14th.  Moments after entering the house, the resident encountered an adult male in the hallway as the subject exited the homeowner’s bedroom armed with multiple firearms taken from that same bedroom.

Following a brief struggle between the two men, the homeowner was able to gain control of one of the weapons and fire multiple shots from a rifle in the direction of the suspected intruder. The man was struck with several rounds and subsequently fell onto a wooden deck as he exited the back door of the residence following the shooting.

Crime Scene Technicians later found and recovered evidence indicating that the back door to the home had been kicked in and numerous areas within the residence had been searched and rummaged through prior to the shooting.

Also collected, was evidence corroborating the homeowner’s statements that the rounds were discharged while both men were inside the residence.

Additionally, during the course of the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office recovered unrelated stolen property linking the deceased to a residential break-in that had been previously reported to the Easley Police Department.

The Solicitor’s Office advised Sheriff’s detectives that absent additional questions or the need for further follow-up, they hoped to be able to render a decision within the next few days.