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Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Stresses Importance of Safety and Security Awareness for Local Churches

For Immediate Release 


Creed W. Hashe, Chief Deputy

Pickens County Sheriff’s Office

(864) 898-5501 


The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office launched an initiative in 2008 focused on providing safety and security awareness for local churches within Pickens County.

Since that time, the Sheriff’s Office has continued to provide that service to local clergy and their congregations in hopes that a proactive approach to the potential for crime and violence within our sanctuaries would serve to deter an act of violence before it occurs.

Since 2008, there has been substantial growth in the communities throughout Pickens County and numerous churches have experienced new membership as families have expanded and moved into the area.

Sheriff Clark stated…

“In light of the tragic event that resulted in the devastating loss of life in Charleston, I want to reassure our citizens that we listen daily for any information that may be indicative of a potential problem that may lead to violence specifically within our churches.  We have continued to embrace the program, started under former Sheriff David Stone, and will continue to educate all persons so that together we can identify and react to those that prey on innocent victims as they practice their faith”.


The program offered by the Sheriff’s Office goes far beyond the obvious concerns for church shootings.  Deterrence of theft, vandalism, domestic altercations, child safety and site security are additional topics discussed during the session for church staff.

The Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone that would like more information into the program to please contact Captain Gary Parsons at (864) 898-5503.


“Use of Force Simulator”

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is applying for a grant to purchase a “Use of Force Simulator”. This system will be used to train officers on how to better respond to volatile situations, how to subdue violators with proper force, and keep our officers safe.

Below is a potential vendor’s website so you can see how this can improve our training.

Thank you,
Sheriff Rick Clark

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“Prevent Heat Related Injury”

As the temperatures continue to rise, it is important to take precautions to prevent heat related injury or illness: * Wear light, loose clothing if you must be outside. * Take frequent shade breaks. * Drink plenty of fluids. * Never leave children in a vehicle. * Never leave pets in a vehicle. * Make sure outdoor pets and livestock have unlimited access to fresh, clean water. * Please check on relatives, the elderly or families/individuals you know of who may not have air conditioning. * If you or someone you know starts to have signs of a heat related illness, dial 911 immediately. * Symptoms of possible heat related illnesses are: fever (temperature above 104 degrees); irrational behavior; extreme confusion; dry and hot, red skin; rapid, shallow breathing; rapid, weak pulse; seizures, unconsciousness.

We hope you all have a safe, happy and healthy summer!

 Pickens County Sheriff's Office (SC)'s photo.

Assisting Pickens County Stockade

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting officials with the Pickens County Stockade (Prison) in attempting to locate the two prisoners who escaped from the stockade, earlier this evening. The Pickens County Stockade does not house violent offenders and there is presently no threat to the community. Additional information will be released from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office later tonight