“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Continues Investigation into the Murder of Man found Buried at Residence”

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The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate the circumstances into the death of a man now identified by the Coroner’s Office as Brian Wayne Poole (41yoa) who is a 1st cousin to the shooter in this incident.

Early information regarding the victim indicates that he had been temporarily residing with his cousin, Timothy Poole, when the shooting occurred in February. The Sheriff’s Office is not making any comments regarding a motive other than to say that the shooting stemmed from a verbal dispute.

Detectives worked throughout the night conducting interviews and processing evidence as routine protocol that is followed in any homicide investigation.

The Sheriff’s Office feels confident at this stage into the investigation that all parties have been identified that are connected to this case and absent any new information do not foresee any additional arrests to be made.

From this point moving forward, the Sheriff’s Office will be requesting documents, forensic testing of evidence and completing any remaining interviews that need to be done in order to prepare the case for prosecution.

Sheriff Rick Clark stated…

“Our hearts and prayers remain with the family and friends. Violent encounters are never easy for any family especially when it involves the loss of life but incidents such as this unfortunately result in the loss of two family members as one may potentially face a life of incarceration.”

The Sheriff’s Office has no additional information to release at this time and will not be making any additional comments on this case in order to preserve and protect the integrity of the investigation until at which time it has been heard by a Judge and Jury.