“Fire at Pickens County Detention Center Contained with No Threat to Inmate Population “

PCSO envelope 2014 graphic


This morning, at approximately 8:55am, on-site personnel observed smoke near a room designated for laundry services located at the rear of the facility.

The Pickens City Fire Department was requested and responded with numerous other county responders at which time the fire was extinguished. The fire was contained to the laundry service area and never posed a threat to the inmate population.

No injuries were sustained during the brief incident. Reports of inmate evacuation are unfounded and at no time were any inmates removed from the facility.

Preliminary investigation by the fire service indicates that the fire was mechanical in nature and is believed to have started inside the drum of a dryer.

Estimated damages are unknown at this time but the utility machines used for washing and drying are expected to be replaced.

Routine damages to the area that are commonly seen in the course of fire suppression will also require further inspection and repair.

No further information is available at this time.