“Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Works with Georgia Authorities in Locating Runaway Juvenile “

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Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Works with Georgia Authorities in Locating Runaway Juvenile  

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office was notified by a family member of a 14 year old female discovered to be missing from a residence in Pickens County during the late evening hours earlier this week.

Sheriff’s Detectives initiated an investigation on Monday night, into the disappearance of the teenager and were able to quickly learn that the incident did not involve foul play as evidence found through social media confirmed that the missing juvenile had voluntarily left the residence.

Further investigation revealed that the female had been posing as a 19 year old on various internet dating sites where she met and engaged with a man later to be identified as Christopher T. Muse from Evans, Georgia. She agreed to meet and leave with the man who drove to South Carolina for the sole purpose to meet the young girl on Monday evening.

Pickens County Sheriff’s Detectives contacted the authorities in Columbia County after determining that the male subject was in the military and living within their jurisdiction. The female was subsequently located at the residence of Mr. Christopher Muse during the evening hours on Tuesday, May 17th, in an unharmed condition.  She was later turned over to family members that had responded to the area at the request of local law enforcement.

Preliminary investigation is that the decision to go to Georgia with Muse was completely voluntary and coordination with Georgia authorities has resulted in criminal charges being filed by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office against Christopher T. Muse who is 31 years of age. No charges are expected to be filed in Pickens County at this time.

Additional questions and information concerning charges and photographs of Muse should be directed to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office in Evans, Georgia.